Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cat Poseable Doll WIP 1.2

I did some work on the cat head today.  I added teeth and the eyes.  He still needs ears.  You can also see above the round polymer clay I was using.  I mixed black with a translucent white which looks gray but baked black... duh!  I should have used regular white to make the head gray.

I am not completely happy with the left tooth (or right one if you are looking at the picture).

He still needs ears.

And above you can see 2 attempts at claws.  The one on the left was the first attempt and the other is the second.  The first was too fat and round.  The second was much better.  I am not sure yet how big his paws will be so this was just a test on how to make the claws.

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