Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cold Porcelain Shrinkage: Part 1

Shrinkage of material is something to keep in mind when making a BJD of a particular size.  Too much shrinkage could affect how well your doll parts fit together after the shrink because of warping.  So before making a doll using Cold Porcelain, I need to test how much shrinkage the log I made has.  From what I have read, Cold Porcelain can have up to 30% shrinkage.  That is a lot.

I used the plaster mold I made when I was testing Carving Wax shrinkage.  The excess I made into a little ball to also test how quickly it would dry inside and out.  I still had a little more left over which I played around with and make a 5 petal flower, not shown in the picture above.  The line on the plaster mold is approximately 50mm in length.

Now I play the waiting game to see how much shrinkage my goofed up recipe has.

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