Saturday, December 24, 2011

Extra Tiny BJD Project: Part 8

This is how she looks cast in Smooth-Cast 305 urethane resin.  The only part missing is her back head plate which connects her neck to her head.  I am still working that part in carving wax and should be ready to be made into a mold soon.

For now I have been casting her molds in resin using the pressure pot at 50-55 psi.  There are a few bubbles that I had to add vents to the silicone rubber molds.  There is one on her front torso next to her leg (that you can see in the above picture) and 2 on her head.  Otherwise the molds are working out just great.

I learned a lot just working on completing her.  For one the joints and how to wire and string them for the range of motion I desire.  And I also learned that I can use plastruct rods inside her molds when casting resin and the resin won't stick if I use mold release.  I haven't tested using plastruct rods (which help keep certain parts hollow) without the use of mold release though.  Why risk it?

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