Friday, December 23, 2011

Extra Tiny BJD Project: Part 7

Okay, the third batch from the pressure pot is ready.  Now I only have the head mold to work on and it won't be easy.

Above you can see the molds.  The left is all the legs.  The middle has the middle ball torso.  I was going to originally make it hollow, but for the sake of time it is mostly solid except where the string passes through.  The 4 right most parts are all the upper and lower torso mold.  Below has more close-ups of that mold since it is the most complex.

Here you can see the 2 plugs made.  I decided to mold both upper and lower torso parts together in one mold to help save space since they are very identical in structure.  The plug on the right has a plastruct rod to help keep the neck hole hollow.

Here you can see the plugs put in place.  These should be real interesting when cast.

So now the head is in the pressure pot.  Hopefully the face plate comes out well.  The neck and back of head is another issue.  I am planning on casting the face plate in resin first then making the neck piece to fit it after.  Hard to explain.

By tonight I should have the first junk cast done.  Crossing my fingers.

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