Friday, December 23, 2011

Extra Tiny BJD Project: Part 6

The first batch of silicone molds are out of the pressure pot and the second one went in.  The third batch is in the pressure pot now and all molds are done excluding the head (unless something unfortunate happened).

Above you can see the second batch being prepared for pouring the silicone rubber.  The right side are the molds for the lower, mid, and upper torso of the reindeer.  On the left is the mold of the head.  I am having some complications in figuring out how to cast such a tiny head.  In the future I should probably sculpt such tiny heads in another medium and cut/hollow it prior to making a mold.  If difficulties continue, I may need to make it a solid head...  Not the way I want to go, but time is running out.

Above you can see how the upper and lower torso came out.  Each torso part could have easily become a 3 part mold, making that a total of 6 molds.  Instead I figured a 3 part mold by coming them both would be easier.  The majority is encased in one block, which is cut with an xacto knife to separate.  Then the 2 other parts are the plugs for the hollow parts.  Notice there is a white rod stick out of the upper torso on the top picture.  This is to help keep the neck hollow.  We will see if plastruct sticks to resin when cast.

Above you can see the leg mold ready for its second pouring.  It is shiny because I just applied mold release.  One problem I have is that the wires are not sitting down as well as I would like.  In the future I might use something that is more uniform in shape.  The problem with wires is that it can be bent and if you don't place it back just right it doesn't sit in the space it was in.

So the third batch in the pressure pot right now is:  the leg mold, the torso mold, and the head mold.  If all comes out well, then all the molds will be ready for a junk casting of resin.  But I will still have the head mold to work with.  Only 2 days left to get this all done...

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