Friday, December 30, 2011

Extra Tiny BJD Project: Part 12

I decided to play around with So-Strong to add colors to my urethane resin BJD Reindeer.  I made one with a little brown and another with a little blue.

Above is part of my set-up.  I only mixed a drop or less of brown into the B of the resin prior to mixing A and B together.  I used a toothpick to transfer color.

Here are the parts out of the mold.  The mixed resin looked darker brown then the end cured results.  It looks like diluted milk chocolate with a hint of pink to it.

All the parts came out well, even if one ear had air bubble.  After removing all the flashing I wet sanded all the parts, added magnets, wires, and hooks prior to spraying the first layer of Mr. Super Clear Flat.  The MSC helps protect the surface of the resin while giving the face-up something to grip.

All the pieces ready for spraying MCS.  After it is dry, it is time to do face-ups.  What is it called when the body is painted too?

I used Faber-Castell pastel chalk and Vallejo Game Color paints for the added color.  Several coats of MSC were applied between applications.

Posability is still limited, but I plan to make changes to increase it.  The stringing is getting easier to do now that I know what I am doing more.

I painted the feet and some white on the reindeer's hide quarters.

I messed up the polarity of the magnets in the blue BJD reindeer.  As you can see above, I can change heads for the light brown and white resin castings.

I did notice when I used the So-Strong colors that I only needed very little of it.  I used a toothpick to add color into the B.  When A and B were mixed, the resin before curing actually looked darker than the cured results.  I was a bit scared the color would come out too strong.  I preferred the lighter coloring, which gives a pastel look.

EDIT:  This process was started New Year's eve and was completed New Year's Day.  I was just too lazy to finish posting it all.

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