Monday, December 26, 2011

Extra Tiny BJD Project: Part 11

I wanted to show how I strung my little reindeer.  I cut one 6" piece of elastic string per doll and cut off the excess once it was tightened.

The dark blue shows the path of the string.  I looped it through the rear legs first, then through the middle torso.  Next came looping through the front legs, through the neck, and up into the neck plate where it was all tied off.

What I can't show is how the wires in the leg joints were angled.  It did matter which way I put the string through.  It was difficult getting the string through the neck and the head plate, but I figured it all out.

This is the little reindeer I kept.  You can see her head wasn't perfect, but was good enough.  I drilled and cut out a spot for the tiny magnets that keep her head together.  There is also a little railing that the head slides onto and the magnets snap it all into place.  The funny thing is when the bell gets on the magnets too...HAHA

Only a total of 5 were made, although I am making one more this week as a late Christmas gift for someone.  Those who did receive a reindeer were very happy with their present.  :)

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