Friday, September 16, 2011

Thoughts on Silicone and Resin

My ultimate goal for my bjd Arisu is to cast her in resin.  Of course I am not anywhere near done and am still working with her in carving wax.  Only her head is nearly finished.  Even so, I want to try making a resin copy of her head to get a feel for how the final product will look.  So how do I get my resin prototype?

The urethane plastic resin I decided to try for my prototype bjd head is Smooth-Cast 305, which seems to get good feedback from other bjd doll makers.  It is white, has a 7 minute pot life, and has an ultra low viscosity.

I plan to use a silicone rubber for the mold, but I am still not 100% certain about which one I will use.  I need to research this more, but one that has caught my interest is the Smooth-On Sorta Clear 40.

To make the silicone rubber mold and urethane plastic resin prototype bubble free, I am going to need a pressure pot and air compressor.  This is where it gets expensive or not depending on whether you buy it or make it on your own.  If you made one,  you would make some modifications to a pressure paint pot.  Either way, what I want is a 2.5-5 gallon pressure pot.  I am leaning more towards the 2.5 gallon unless I can't find the one I want and the 5 gallon is the best value.  So far I am considering the Jet 5 Gallon Resin/Mold Casting Pressure Pot.  That would cost me about $350 with shipping.  Still higher than I want to pay, so I am still looking around.  If I can only find a good priced 2.5 gallon resin pressure pot...

Interesting Links:
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