Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Carving Wax Sheets

One way you can add carving wax to your sculpt is by make a sheet of wax.  This is similar to what you might do if you were making a wax sheet candle.

First you need a source of hot wax to pour.  I use my wax cup which sits on my candle warmer.  This warms the wax to about 145-150F.  The more wax that is in the cup the more likely the top layer of wax will solidify.  So I normally have enough wax in the cup so it is 1/2"-1" deep.

To make a sheet of wax, pour hot wax onto wax paper.  Keep in mind the hot wax will spread outward so either have enough wax paper to handle that or don't pour too much.

You can help make the wax sheet thinner by laying another sheet of wax paper on top and pressing down evenly with a flat object.

The above picture has the wax sandwiched between two sheets of wax paper so I can flatten it.  This will prevent the hot wax from sticking to the object you are using to press it down.  You can also make textures by pressing an object with a textured surface.

While the wax is still warm, you can cut and shape the wax.  What I did with the above sheet of wax was cut a long ear shape out of it.

While it is still warm you can shape the wax sheets.  I welded it onto another piece of wax using my wax pen.

Above you can see a few more angles of what I did.  Once it cooled, the wax became stiff.  I am not sure how useful this technique will be, but I will be doing this same thing to make human ears for my doll Arisu.  This should help ensure the ears are even in size.

You can also make larger wax sheets by lining a pan with wax paper.  Make sure you fold the wax paper so the sides are also covered.  You can also use this method for making thicker sheets of wax.

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