Friday, July 15, 2011

Premix Experiment

I think it is important to experiment on different materials when making art. So far I had worked mostly in Super Sculpey for Arisu. I am not fond of this material, so I thought to try Premix, mixutre of La Doll and Premier paper clays.

First off, I didn't want to make a completely new sculpture at this time so I used the plaster molds I made of Arisu to help shape the paper clay. I made a head and torso.

The head didn't get all its details, which is fine for the experiment. I was able to make the body hollow so I cut where I wanted to make a joint. I found working with paper clay not being my thing. The dust you get from shaping, carving, cutting was all over the place. I have heard people say not to inhale the stuff, so I didn't like all the extra precautions and cleaning I was doing while working with the Premix. I found myself breaking the parts every now and again and finding it difficult to repair the breaks without it breaking again. So I ended the experiment.

On the left you can see the original working drawing for Arisu, then the Premix experiment.  You can also see the original Super Sculpey sculpture of Arisu and one part of the plaster mold for the head.

Now, don't get me wrong.  The Premix or paper clay in general may work for others, but for me in my current project it didn't.  I would like to make a Kodama doll, which might work well with the paper clay material.  I could then leave it as a OOAK (One of a Kind) Doll.

Next month I should be able to make carving wax, which I will cast in the plaster molds.  So I can continue to work with Arisu.  I do have some major changes planned for her since her name has been finally determined.  This gives her more character to develop in her doll.

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