Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Carving Wax: Recipe

Carving Wax Recipe:
900 grams paraffin
900 grams microcrystalline
1800 grams industrial talc
200 grams beeswax
200 grams carnauba wax

Which is:
4.5 parts microcrystalline wax
4.5 parts paraffin wax
9 parts talc
1 part beeswax
1 part carnauba wax

My ingredients:
2 pounds of batik paraffin/micro wax (50/50)
2 pounds of baby powder (talc not cornstarch
3.5 oz beeswax
3.5 oz carnauba wax

That should make almost 4.5 pounds of carving wax. Now to wait for my order to arrive. I should also check the second hand stores for a slow cooker to use.

**Note: This is not my carving wax recipe. Please click on the carving wax recipe link above for a post which contains more information about it. Here is another website that talks about carving wax.

I posted how I made the Carving Wax with lots of pictures.  It shows the equipment I used and the process.  Including casting from a plaster mold.

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