Friday, July 15, 2011

2.2a Sculpting (Draog)

Name: ???
Type: Bestial Dragon (AKA Draog)
Gender: Male
Age: Young
Size:  Around 6" tall and less than 12" long

Description:  Originally I wanted to make my Draog as a BJD, but I decided to do my chibi first since I have never made a BJD before.  Although I have not completed a doll yet, I have gained more knowledge and have decided to start on him.  He is a bestial type dragon, so he has more beast traits than reptile ones.  I named him Draog because he is somewhat part dragon part dog.  His movement is to be like a dog rather than reptile.  His head is supposed to be dragon-ish.  It is not known yet if he will be capable of flight or what features he will have.  It is likely he will have fur in various places.  He will have long ears and horns on his head.

Sculpting Material:  I decided to test out my Y2 Klay for sculpting my Draog.  So far I am very pleased with this material.  One bad trait though is that it can be a bit sticky and little shavings can have static.  Thus some warmed up shavings get stuck back on the sculpt in random places.  I have to keep removing little tid bits while working to reduce this issue.  But otherwise this material is just great.  It warms easily without having to worry about distorting the sculpting while holding it firmly.  I have been using wood carving tools for now.  So I am doing subtractive sculpting rather than additive at this moment.

I didn't make a working drawing to allow for more creative possibility.  The drawing shows a basic structure and design, so he looks rather plain.  I did this head over the past week and finally took a picture of it yesterday.

Here is a close up of his head.

I made some changes to his head today to make it less blocky and more natural.  His body I have been working on for the past few days.  Sculpting Draog has been very time consuming.  Not only am I new at sculpting my Draog, but I am also learning how to use Y2 Klay.

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