Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1.2 Drawing (Arisu)

WarningI am not good drawing humanoid figures.  So please understand I may have made some mistakes drawing the human anatomy.  I am learning.

I originally planned to do a young teen wolf anthro bjd so I did make a working drawing.  For her proportions I found a drawing of a chibi unicorn (below picture on left) I liked.  Although I like the body proportion, I do not consider the enlarged head visually appealing for my doll.  So I made an assumption on how big the head will be and drew my anthro (below picture on right), which is 5.5 heads.

Later while searching for other bjd designs I came across some working drawings (picture below) with 4.5 head, 5 head, and 5.5 head proportions.  I can see some changes I want to make when comparing my anthro with the 5.5 head drawing. 

At first I was planning on keeping the 5.5 head proportion, but later decided to make changes.  I wanted her to look younger and more child like.  So I drew a 5 head design(below picture left drawing) to see how she would look.  But I wasn't satisfied yet, so I decided to draw a 4 head design (below picture right drawings).

Now that is much better.  I guess the above picture could qualify as a working drawing, but I want to refine it some more before considering the design process completed and start working with clay.  Also I want to consider range of motion, joints, etc.

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